gypsy in the rain

remember those days
May 27, 2008, 2:29 pm
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I still remember those days
I used to listen to songs
which had mesmerized me
walking through the stars a way long
I used to imagine your face
I used to imagine you
now while looking back
I still find those days new
having the freshness of the cool winds
flowing in night
lying on da terrace ,
counting stars
I remember those days
I remember those dayss

and in response to this, my friend wrote,

When you remember those days…
When you remember those days,
those wonderful days,
I can imagine the smile on your face,
That’ll never go away…
The songs that you heard,
You still hum those tunes…
The stars that you saw –
and the ever-smiling moon…
the face – etched in your mind
and the smile that makes you smile
the thought about those days
makes living worthwhile…
counting the stars,
and the moments spent together
there’s no end to both…
for you could count,
and go on forever 🙂