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Brothers’ arm-y….
July 22, 2010, 7:29 pm
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There was a time… when we could not stand each other’s faces. There was a time when we used to fight for the best food, best clothes, more pocket money. There was a time when we hated to share our things with each other…. I think, there never was a time when we fought. It was always me… (:P). I always wanted best things… and when I used to get my large share of ice cream, chocolate or pocket money; my satisfied ego would allow me to GIVE some of it to my little brother.

What are brothers for??? Now, please don’t say that they are there to protect you because all my brothers with whom I am very close… are younger to me…. Yet, yes, they do protect me in every possible way (eyes getting moist here…).

Before I start getting too senti, let me rearrange my feelings…

I never had a sister but a brother, with whom I could share my feelings. In a way, it was better because I got to see a different perspective of life…. Gender wise…

Me and my brother.

I was, I still am the most loved sister amongst all my 12 brothers. Till I was 4, my cousin brother used to treat me like his own baby. Yes, the huge age difference. First time, at the age of 5, when I came to know that I got a baby brother, I was excited to see him, to meet him… to touch him.. to know what a brother looks like. My father took me to the maternity home…. Only thing I remember about that room is me standing next to a crib, my father next to me… instructing how to touch and not to touch him… We were happy and a cute face smiling at us with his blinking eyes. I still cherish that moment with many others.

I don’t know if the discrimination between a boy and girl still exists. But when I was young, at my innocent age, I always sensed and felt strange to be born as a girl. But luckily on personal level, my family never treated me and my brother differently. In fact, the saying is true… moms love their sons more and fathers love their daughters. With the sting of being born as a female, I always wanted to be superior to my little brother. And I bullied him on occasions, made him plead me, made him say sorry to me… I did everything a mean sister would do (Adi still calls me Dee Dee from Dexter’s lab, how much I hated that cartoon… my brother had literally assumed that he was a brainy scientist). My sweet brother always was too scared to call me by my name… I haven’t heard my name from his mouth since 20 years. Last time he had called me by my name was to tease me… and he knew… that’s the way he could disrespect me… and he got that right… he got a beating for that… Not everyone is as blessed as me… are they??? Because Adi would come back to me saying sorry, asking me to slap him so that we could talk again after our fights. And I would feel (emotionally blackmailed) bad and I would just smile. They know you in and out. Brothers,… they know what pleases you, what makes you angry, what makes you scared (horror nights on Thursday, dark and cockroaches), what makes you sorry.

Today, when we can’t meet each other for months… when we don’t share a room, I realize his strength, patience and tolerance. He was the one who lied when needed, just to save me from scoldings. He was the one who cried when I did not talk to him. He was the one who brought snacks for me while coming from school / college. He was the one who helped me in the kitchen. He was the one sharing his secret crush from his first standard class. He was the one who asked me for dating tips… and he is the one who gives me tips on life.

My brothers… sense every shit out of me… from my face, from my smile, my voice, my texts…

I know, I am little over in the drama department. But they love me as I am.

And this is for my brothers and all other brothers, who share everything with their sister from food to secrets, from failures to aims, from tears to smiles… from fights to hugs…

Brothers, you have grown wiser than me… and now I am your little sister…

And when you need me, you know, I am old enough to hold your hand…



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Really nice. I recollected all my childhood memories 🙂

Comment by Milind

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