gypsy in the rain

Talking with the windmill….
June 16, 2010, 11:28 pm
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It’s raining, … once again I want to run through the greens

Cuddling yellow wild flowers… soaring bare feet,

Run to the hills where windmills are running…,

Follow one of its blades when it’s unaware of me…,

I want to spin my gaze with every whirl it finishes…,

And with each circle… I have a song to sing…

I would live my countless moments again…

As my gaze dances with the wind…

If it’s raining… and if you want to see me…

Ask those wild yellow flowers where I would be…

They will show you one green route… crawling over earth…

You will find me there talking with the windmill…

(I have this strange fascination with windmills and lighthouses since my childhood days… When I see those blades moving with the air, I feel like getting out of the car and start running towards the windmill.. ekdam fillum style… I wish some or the other day, this wish of mine would come true…)


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Lovely!! 😀

Comment by Sayak Shome

Fascination with windmill ??.. :DCan never imagine.. Thank god it's tall :))

Comment by pRasad

yes … I love to watch them… 🙂

Comment by shruti..

Very beautifully written. Hope to see you in my blog too 🙂

Comment by Romeo Das

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