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LIFE … from my point of view
February 11, 2010, 3:34 pm
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LIFE!!!I found myself doodling this word a week before. “LIFE”. May be that was the phase of my life when I actually got the feeling that I am facing it… facing life. Life could be defined in many ways but actual element of life is still a mystery for me. I wonder sometimes… what is it that actually makes us look forward to future. “Those who live today, in the hope that something may transpire tomorrow, will live tomorrow in the hope that something may transpire day after. They fail to live life abundantly because they are rooted in future, ignorant that tomorrow and day after will be an identical exercise. Those living in the future are like birds trapped in the cage forever dreaming about freedom”. Why do we live for tomorrow knowing that this life has to meet death one day? Why do we see dreams and why are we so prepared for one more day…. every day? A calendar with irreversible pages, a clock which never stops ticking… is it life??? Or some biochemical processes in our bodies which make our organs function is actually living???

I don’t recollect since when, but I used to always think about life more often. I used to set myself free in the imaginary world of life to travel timeline. Oscillating between past and future, hopping between the depths and heights, I always tried to figure out the direction of life. While writing all this, I am feeling as if a 2 years old kid is trying to resolve SUDOKU. In this whole universe, I am just a minute point. For me, this minute point “myself”, is the centre of universe and I guess it’s for everyone. It’s like we build a circle around us and call it “universe”. We do things in there, we take birth, we grow here, go to schools, fall in love, get married, run a family and die. And that’s all! An end of LIFE. Is it really like that?Don’t we desire some things? Don’t we hold grudges? Don’t we curse someone? Don’t we yearn? Do all our wishes come true before we leave this body? If not then what happens to all those wishes? Do all wishes remain in the vacuum, floating and bumping on other infinite wishes in the universe? Or do we reincarnate to fulfill those wishes with the help of a new body? Insane it is! It seems as if my soul is chained somewhere. I come on earth, I wish something, I die and before dying, I wish one more time that I could have lived my life better…. And here again… God sends us back on earth. I myself have left my desires on air because sometimes they were not meant to come true. Even if I don’t remember what all I had wished, I can imagine myself carrying a baggage of all wishes up… right above my head… Gosh!!!If I believe in “Adam and Eve” story, well logically I’ll have to. Alright, if I logically belive that there was a set of 2 souls, 2 bodies to reproduce a third one, fourth one and so on… how does it go on… the process what we call “LIFE”??? Two souls come together to form third… and after their bodies give up, they unite with the ONE (they die to unite with the GOD). ONE, in my concept would be something like GOD. Where all souls meet and form an uniform ocean of souls. Just how all rivers meet in an ocean and change their tastes, color, density to match to those of ocean. So in my point of view, we all are one… souls divided into pieces, lying in different bodies and meant to be together when we are shapeless… Life is nothing but a journey from one point on the time scale to another, using our body as a medium of transport. Different personalities are result of different enviornments and different situations. Our journies are a process of our minds. In reality, there are no such exercises. At this moment, we are lost into each other but the moment before and after are moments… consumed in travelling. Every moment of our existance is leading us towards our departure. End is inevitable… only thing we don’t know is “when”?….


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