gypsy in the rain

Running Away
April 23, 2009, 2:05 pm
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Running …running …it’s me running
Away from you ..away far away
I wish you to come behind me
Follow me on this way…
I am running away

Being here just makes me feel dull
Seeing you makes me more weak
I want to ask you so many questions
But my senses have just stopped to speak…

It’s not that I don’t think about you
The more I think..the more I get numb
Even if you will come to me tomorrow,
I am sure, my lips will be dumb

I am sure, I would have lost control
I may just collapse in front of you
When we will meet after this
I will not be able to move…

My limbs will get paralyzed
As my eyes will get too
The tongue will forget to talk
Ears will be eager for you…

I don’t care today
The helplessness is here inside me
But I am afraid that when we will meet
You will be able to see…

So I am running away….
Running away to show that I am brave
But I want you to come back and hold me
My soul is asking you to save…

To save it from the parting
because the bodily pace is not matching
I fear that it will stay behind me
My soul will be waiting…

Will be waiting at all the places we went to
My soul will be sitting there behind you
Try to catch it and bring it back to me…
I need to be with my soul soon…
I need my life soon…


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:-)i have no words to comment on this, really…..i will come back to give a comment 🙂

Comment by dave_cybercoolie

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